Centre d’Action Laïque

CAL is a Belgian non-profit umbrella organisation set up in 1969 by 28 constituent organisations. Today, CAL employs directly more than 30 persons and nearly 200 in its 7 regional organisations.

CAL aims to defend and to promote secularism in Belgium, in Europe and in the rest of the world. By secularism, CAL means “The will to build a fair, progressive and fraternal society, endowed with impartial public institutions, guarantor for the dignity of the person and for human rights, insuring each person the freedom of thought and expression, as well as equality of all in front of the law without distinction of sex, origin, culture or conviction and considering that confessional or not confessional options are exclusively part of the private sphere of the persons.”

CAL also promotes personal elaboration of a conception of life which establishes itself on human experience, excluding any confessional, dogmatic or supernatural reference, implying the support to the values of free inquiry, emancipation towards any conditioning and the imperatives of citizenship and justice.

CAL focuses on actions such as national campaigns promoting free enquiry, the right to decent housing or fighting against poverty; its representatives often express themselves in the medias on topics such as neutrality of public buildings, Islamic veil in public schools and creationism. CAL also organizes debates and colloquia at national and European levels on human rights, discriminations and the place of science in Europe. Humanist counsellors provide moral assistance in prisons and hospitals and many workshops are organized to promote emancipative and active citizenship among the Belgian population. 

CAL is member of the European Humanist Federation (EHF) and of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU), which is recognized as a non-governmental organization by the UNESCO, the UNICEF, the United Nations and the Council of Europe.

Contact information

Campus de la Plaine ULB – CP 236
Avenue Arnaud Fraiteur
1050 Brussels
e-mail : cal@ulb.ac.be
Contact : Bruna Sassi : +32 2 627 68 30 – bruna.sassi@laicite.net

For more information, see the website of Centre d´Action Laïque