European Network Church on the Move (EN RE)

The EN-RE is a lay-led network of organisations which are predominantly Catholic in membership but also ecumenical. It arose out of the spontaneous coming together of a number of groups – associations, communities, informal groups and networks – from over 15 countries of Western and Central Europe. These groups share the vision of a church that is liberating, serving humanity. A church which neither excludes nor discriminates and which follows in the steps of Jesus the liberator and the will to work, respecting the diversity of cultures and convictions, for peace, justice, freedom, human rights, democracy, including in the Catholic Church (Declaration of rights and freedoms in the Catholic Church, EN-RE,1994)

The EN-RE holds that the churches and their members too must have a voice in and contribute to the public debate like any current of opinion or conviction. The Catholic church hierarchy is not on its own the voice of Catholics.

The EN-RE declares itself an integral part of the Catholic Church availing itself of the freedom of association recognised by Canon law (C.215). It maintains a close collaboration, mainly in church reform matters, with IMWAC (International Movement We are Church, whose European branches form a substantial part of its membership) and with the European Co-ordination of Christian base communities. We have links and joint actions with extra-European networks: COR (Catholic Organisations for Renewal) a North-American coalition, CFC (Catholics for Choice/Catolicas por el derecho a decidir) which has developed a worldwide network.

EN RE works as an organisation of civil society in collaboration with humanist and feminist organisations, with whom we share values and goals among which secularism. We are especially active in religion and human rights (including women’s rights), intercultural, interconvictional dialogue in relation with social cohesion. We also takes an active part (setting up seminars) in European and World Social Forums and Theology and Liberation World Forums.  

For more information, see the websites of European Catholic People and EN-RE.