l’Association Européenne de la Pensée Libre

The European Association for Free Thought (EAFT) – or in French, l’Association Européenne de la Pensée Libre (AEPL) – is a body set up in 2007 in order to work towards the creation of a Secular European Union.

Its members are supporters of the social, political and economic project of bringing member States and their citizens into an ever-closer unity. Our members are all comitted to the practice of the separation of politics and religion. Based on humanist principles, they are working towards the establishment of this separation as the norm in the laws and institutions of the European Union.

At the moment we have members in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Roumainia, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Estonia and Finland.

The EAFT organises meetings and conferences and encourages its members to directly contact elected partliamentarians and government ministers in order to communicate their views on questions that interest them. Our aim is to make European democracy a living experience.

Although the AEFT would prefer there to be no Dialogue between the European Union institutions and the relgious and secular organisations, it has decided to participate in this element of the Lisbon Treaty because religious bodies are doing so in an active way.

For more information, please see the website of l’Association Européenne de la Pensée Libre